Download Epic Browser – Web browser for India with Built in Antivirus, 1500+ Sidebar Apps [Featured]  

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Epic browser has an intuitive and colorful interface, features an amazing sidebar with more than 1500 apps. The browser has a built-in manual antivirus and Antispyware scanning powered by ESET. Users can access Gmail, Yahoo and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut right from the sidebar without need of opening a new tab.

All the Firefox extensions/add-ons & plugins are compatible with Epic, plus you can use 1500+ Indian Themes and Wallpapers to enhance its look. Get News updates, Live Cricket Scores, listen music, play games and more right from this powerful browser.

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Most common Resume Mistakes: Are you committing any of them?  

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1. A resume that won't open: So you are a tech savvy guy who has the latest version of Microsoft word and you have used a really cool feature. The employer is going to be too happy with you. Too Bad. Most probably the HR person has word 95 and hence will not be able to open your resume. Looser you say. I know but guess what, that looser is going to decide whether to call you for the interview or not. Use the most standard features of word. Also do not use any fancy fonts as not all fonts are available on every machine.

2. A resume with virus: That is another problem with word files. They are highly prone to viruses. If your resume has been a victim of one of those viruses then there is a good chance that it never reaches the HR. The filtering software simply deletes your email.

3. Because of these inherent problems with Microsoft word, I always encourage people to send a pdf version of the resume.

4. Wrong contact information: It is the most innocent of errors with the most dangerous result. An extra 'a', a hyphen instead of underscore or the last letter being omitted and you shall never get to see any of those call letters from the HR. The best way to ensure your contact information is correct is to copy-paste the email id given on your resume and then send an email to it.

5. Unprofessional email id: partygurl69 or rocking-dude may be great ids for your facebook profile. But using them on your resume or sending the resume from that email id is the best way to ensure that the HR person will never call you for an interview. Get a little boring and create an email id that reads

6. Typo errors: I know you have already run spell check on your resume. But even Mr Gates can have some errors. Want some proof? Put the following 2 lines in a word document and run spell check.
a. OBJECTIVE: To work in the filed that will allow me to put my engineering skills to the best use
b. SKILLS: Meet and greet clients. Take massages
What did spell check say? No errors, right? Now look at the sentences correctly. Do you see the blunders? filed for field and massages for messages.
How to ensure that your resume does not contain any such error? Here are some tips to remove typo mistakes from your resume
o Read slowly through your resume.
o Proofread your resume more than once.
o Ask a friend or family member to proofread for you

7. Difficult to read and understand: The HR manager needs to go through 100 of resumes after your resume. On an average HR managers use less than 30 seconds before rejecting a resume. If they can not read your resume in 30 seconds, they will rather not read it at all. Somethings that make a resume too difficult to read
a. Too small fonts- Always use a readable font size even if that means your resume runs into 2 pages
b. Long paragraph style writing - No point in your resume should be more than 1 line long or maximum 2 lines. Break them down into bullet points. Bold the important points. Not the entire sentence but only the point like "my programme won the 3rd prize in the annual programming contest at MIT.
c. Too much information: No one has time to read a 5 page resume. Restrict your resume to 1 or 2 pages. If it has to be longer than that then keep the lesser important stuff towards the end

8. You created the resume from a Sample Resume and forgot to change fathers' name and your home address is some place in Canada. There is nothing wrong in using sample resumes. Actually sample resumes are a great way to avoid many of the above errors. However make sure that you change all the information in it. The best way to ensure this is to make the color of entire text red and write the new info in black. That ways all that you need to ensure is that there are no red spots on the resume.

9. Your resume has no connect to the job requirement: This is a problem specific to freshers resumes and resumes of interns and happens because they are using the same resume for completely different jobs. A programming company is very much interested in all the cool programming contest you won but do you need to say all that to a marketing company? Think about it.

10. A not so sober social profile: Yes employers do visit the social profile to know more about you. They are very likely to visit your facebook/myspace/orkut profile. Do you still want that drunk picture on your profile or that testimonial proclaiming that you are the laziest person on the campus?

How to hack websites using SQL Injection vulnerabilites. Download SQL Inject Me 0.4.4 for free: Its Add-ons for Firefox  

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Tool 1
Version 0.4.4
Works with Firefox: – 3.6a1pre
Updated May 5, 2009
Developer Security Compass
Rating Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Tool 2

Version 1.3
Works with Firefox: 3.0 – 3.6a1pre
Updated July 21, 2009

Rating Rated 4 out of 5 stars

SQL Injection vulnerabilites can cause a lot of damage to a web application. A malicious user can possibly view records, delete records, drop tables or gain access to your server. SQL Inject-Me is Firefox Extension used to test for SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
SQL Inject Me is the Exploit-Me tool used to test for SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
The tool works by submitting your HTML forms and substituting the form value with strings that are representative of an SQL Injection attack.
The tool works by sending database escape strings through the form fields. It then looks for database error messages that are output into the rendered HTML of the page.
The tool does not attempting to compromise the security of the given system. It looks for possible entry points for an attack against the system. There is no port scanning, packet sniffing, password hacking or firewall attacks done by the tool.
You can think of the work done by the tool as the same as the QA testers for the site manually entering all of these strings into the form fields.

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Learn How to Make Key Generators  

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To all crackers !!!

Well most of you have probably used a key generator or keygen as it is commonly called in internet slang. A keygen is a small program that will generate a key or serial/registration number for a piece of software. It is typically used as an adjunct to software piracy.

Here is a comprehensive guide, strictly for educational purposes, that shows you how a keygen is created to feed the hungry piracy lions Laughing

I take no responsibility of the usage of this information.
This tutorial, is for educational knowledge ONLY.

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Learn How to Hack Facebook Passwords and Accounts Using Phishing Attack: Facebook Fake Page  

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How to Hack Facebook Passwords & Accounts Using Phishing Attack
Step 1: Download Facebook fake login page and extract the contents into a folder
Step 2: Create your free account at and upload the extract files here
Step 3: Go to file manager and upload all the files.
Step 4: Open you fake page, enter user name and password and try out whether its working. You fake page will be located at
Step 5: A password file will be created in the same directory and you can check it at
Check my Facebook fake page here. I have uploaded it on
To check the passwords for my fake page CLICK HERE
This is only for demonstration Purpose.
Now you are ready to hack Facebook accounts. If you face any problem, post your comments here.

This post is for educational purpose only.   holds no responsibility how you are using the downloaded files.


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Download anything from youtube just typing OK by pradeep  

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Hello every bdy
Now we'll learn how 2 download 4m Youtube Manually by using two letters
Yes ,,, ONLY oK
I know that you can download any video by using IDM or any download programe
But manually work ,,,, s Great ....
Let's start ...
F u have da Youtube link like dat
Just put OK like dat :

then click enter
it will be downloaded

SEM 6 And SEM 5  

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  • For University Papers
  1. BSc I.T Sem 5
  2. BSc I.T Sem 6

BSc I.T Sem 5 question paper  

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  • BSc I.T Sem 5
  1. SQL 2
  2. VB 6
  3. IS
  4. Advanced Java
  5. MIS
  6. EmbededSystems
  7. Extra (Books and Syllabus)

B.Sc .I.T Question paper sem 6  

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At this Moment of time only BSc I.T notes and Question are avaiable.

  • BSc I.T Sem 6
  1. C #
  2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  3. Internet Technologies
  4. Project Management
  5. TSCM(Total Supply Chain Management)

Java RMI  

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Java RMI .ppt


Steps for RMI
> javac
>rmic CalculatorImpl
>start rmiregistry
>java CalculatorServer
>java CalculatorClient



Corba And Wlan  

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Hi here is .ppt file for corba And Wlan



Network programming And socket  

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Hey heres the .ppt file


IN ORKUT how to avoid the other user know that his profile is visited by me  

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Currently, There is only one way that to hide urslf whn yo visit other's orkut profile.

Go to Settings after logging ur orkut account. In it, under PRIVACY Tab,
U cud see.,

"profile visitors:
show who visits my profile (and let others see when I visit their profile)"

Datz al .. So tat i neva shw visits made by yo & even de one who visits ur profile Evilgrin
LolHehe Other than thz, NO OTHER GO Omg

Proxy Sites

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Use these for quick access to websites your workplace/college/school has blocked.

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